The Visitor and Car Insurance
Short-term cover is a type of insurance in the UK that allows a visitor from out of town or even overseas to be able to drive your vehicle. It is extremely important to make sure that anyone who drives your vehicle, including relatives, children and visitors always have proper cover; the easiest way to do this is to take out a short-term car insurance policy.

If you are already aware of the importance of short-term cover for any driver at all, then it is really a simple matter of getting a quote, from a company such as, or, or more usually from the company whose services are already being used. However, there are still too many drivers who think that it is "just a few days" of driving, so it does not really matter or is not that important, but the risks can be substantial.

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For example, it is quite normal for fines to be imposed upon drivers who allow their vehicles to be used without proper cover. Their no-claims bonus is always put at risk in these situations where an uninsured driver is operating the vehicle without cover.

In addition to lending your vehicle to another driver -- whether to a colleague, friend, or family member -- the temporary insurance can also serve as drive-away insurance. This protects you for a short trip from the location of purchase to the home. It is also called transitory insurance cover because it is meant to be used to fill in the gap between leaving the purchase location until your normal cover goes into effect.

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